Welcome to Jardin del Eden(Garden of Eden), a floral and plant design studio. Eva Barrientos is the owner and lead designer.

Eva was born in El Salvador, raised in Los Angeles. Over the last 6 years, she has been studying and refining her skills as a designer.  With a degree in mathematics and teaching experience, she began teaching workshops very early on in her floral career. In addition she has been working and learning from seasoned designers and in 2018 established Jardin del Eden. All while working as a full time accountant. As of April 2019, she has been working full time with clients to provide a diverse design styles. Eva works with each couple/client to display their personality and the style that best represents the space where the flowers will live.

In addition to beautiful work, we care about our planet that provides our beautiful plants and flowers therefore choosing the most Eco-friendly options as much as possible and buying local.

If these are all ideas that resonate with you, we would love to meet you and work with you. Lets discuss your vision and if you need help with that, we're her for that as well!


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